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The Ultra Pedal Mount allows for infinite adjustments to find the perfect pedal setup. The support can be positioned inside the cockpit at different heights and thus adapt to different driving styles. The Pedal heel Rest Plate height adjustment system is up to 30 mm, while the travel of 140 mm (S99, P99, X99 cockpits) or 100 mm (S97, P97, X97 cockpits) adapts perfectly to every driver.


WHAT’S INCLUDED: aluminum profiles, aluminum plates, fixing parts and screws.

NOT INCLUDED: pedal heel rest plate.


  • Aluminum profiles anodized with Zero-X technology.
  • Maximum rigidity and no torsion thanks to the 80x40 and 40x40 profiles and the 10 mm thick cnc side plates.
  • Maximum adjustment flexibility for any driving style.
  • Height, depth and angle adjustment.


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Weight: 9.5 kg

Dimensions: 65.5 × 24.2 × 15.9 cm

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