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Cookie Policy

According to the provision of the Guarantor for the Protection of Personal Data regulating “the identification
of simplified modalities for the policy and acquisition of the consent for the cookies use”, as well as
according to the regulations provided by the European Regulation No. 2016/279 on protection of the
personal information (the “GDPR”), SSR informs you that this website (the “Website”) makes use of
cookies in order to make its services as efficient and simple to use as possible.
Cookies are text files sent by our Website and stored in the directory of the users’ browser. Upon each single
following visit, the cookies are sent to the website from which they were originated (first party cookies) or to
a different website who recognizes them (third parties’ cookies). Cookies enable the websites to recognize
the user’s device.
On the user’s device are memorized other different technologies, which are able to collect information
similar to those collected through the cookies and having similar purposes (i.e.: the pixels). In this policy, the
word “cookie” includes each and all of these technologies.
You can manage your preferences at any time by clicking here:

First of all, the cookies are divided in “first party” cookies (e.g. first party cookie) and “third party” cookies
(e.g. third party cookie), depending on the website or on the domain they do come from.
First party’s cookies are substantially the cookies set or managed by the owner of the website who is
browsing at a certain time.
With regard to these cookies, the obligations of drafting the policy, of acquisition of the user consent and of
providing the possibility for the user to stop the transmission, are borne by the owner of the website that the
user is browsing.
Third party cookies, on the contrary, are set up by a domain different from the domain that the user is
With regard to these cookies, the obligations of drafting the policy, of acquisition of the user consent and of
providing the possibility for the user to stop the transmission, are up to such third party, while the owner of
the Website is only bound to insert in the Website a link to the third party website where such elements are

There are different kinds of cookies but, substantially, the main purpose of a cookie is to improve the efficiency of the websites and to enable certain functions that, generally, aim at improving the user’s browsing.

The main functions of the cookies are the following (i) improve the efficiency of the browsing, (ii) store the user ID and his preferences, as to simplify the following browsing of such user on the website, (iii) avoid to enter the same information (e.g. user ID and password) while browsing on the website, (iv) check the use and managing of the services by the users, both in order to upgrade the browsing activity and the services, and for statistical purposes, (v) place advertising information tailored on the interests and behavior of the user while browsing.

The cookies can have a duration limited to a single browsing session and, in such a case, they are automatically disabled when the user closes the browser, or they can have a predetermined expiration date and, in such a case, they will be memorized and still active in the user’s device until such date, keeping on collecting information during the following browsing sessions.

According to the current legislation, some cookies purposes needs to be approved by the user.

There are different types of cookies. Here below are listed the types of cookies that could be used in our Website.

  1. a) Technical cookies. These cookies are necessary for the Website to correctly work. These are temporary cookies allowing the user to browse the Website, access to the required services (for example in case of registration) and to fully exploit the Website functionalities.

Technical cookies are divided as follows:

(i) necessary technical cookies, in lack of which we could not duly provide the user with our services;

(ii) functional cookies, enabling the user to browse the Website according to selected criteria in order to improve the quality of the services provided through the Website, providing advanced functionalities and personalization. Such cookies can be provided by us directly, as well as by third parties which services have been added to our pages. If you do not authorize the use of such cookies, some of our services could not properly work.

(iii) technical cookies, exclusively used by the Website in order to collect information in an aggregate and anonymous way, on the number of visitors and their way to browse the website.

  1. b) First party’s and third Party’s analytic Cookies.The cookies of this category are used to collect information in order to perform statistical analysis, to improve the Website and make its use simpler, as well as to monitor the correct functioning. The cookies of this category include both session cookies and cookies to measure the interaction. This type of cookies collect information anonymously about the users activity in the Website, on the way the user reached the Website and on the pages browsed by the user. The cookies of this category are sent by the Website itself or by third parties domains.
  2. c) Own or third parties profiling cookies.Such cookies allow the Website to monitor the browsing of the user also, but not only, in order to place advertising messages and/or to offer services according to the preferences shown by the users while browsing through the Website. The user must expressly authorize the use of such cookies.
  3. d) Cookies to integrate third parties functionalities.This type of cookies are used to integrate functions of third parties in the Website (e.g. forms for comments or social networks icons that allow the users to share the content of the Website). The cookies of this category can be sent from the domain of partner websites or that however offer the functions of the Website (e.g. cookies of Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, etc.).

Except for the technical cookies, which are strictly necessary for the standard browsing, the transfer of the data is forbidden unless authorized by the user, who decides to browse on the Website having acknowledged the short policy contained in the specific banner.

Each user may prevent cookies from being installed by maintaining the banner active (preventing from closing it by clicking “ok”), by select the most appropriate setting, or by using the appropriate browser settings.


Privacy Policy

By using this Website: “” (the “Website“), owned by the company Sabelt Sim
Racing S.r.l., with registered office at Corso Stati Uniti n.41, 10129, Torino (IT) (“SSR”) you will transfer to
SSR a certain quantity of your personal data (the “Personal Data”).
Some Personal Data will be acknowledged by SSR through automatic procedures automatically implied in
the use of the Website. Some others Personal Data, instead, will be provided by you voluntarily, during the
procedures necessary in order to access at the services provided by SSR.

By this privacy policy, drafted pursuant to the regulations of Legislative Decree 196/2003 (the “Privacy
Code”), as amended and integrated by the European Regulation 2016/679 about protection of personal data
(“GDPR”), SSR declares itself as “Data Controller” of your Personal Data and informs you about the
purposes and modalities according to which such Personal Data will be processed, as well as about the rights
you are entitled to by the current legislation. According to the current regulations provided by the GDPR, the
processes carried out by SSR will be inspired by principles of lawfulness, fairness, transparency, purpose
limitation and storage limitation, accuracy, integrity and confidentiality.
The current policy is offered only with regard to the use of the Website and not in relation to the possible use
of other websites that could be reached through the links existing in the Website.

  1. A. Browsing Data

The IT systems and the software procedures implemented for the functioning of the Website collect, during their regular exercise, few Personal Data, which transmission is implied in the use of the Internet communication protocols. These information are not collected in order to be associated to specific subjects but, for their own nature, they could allow the identification of the Website’s users through elaborations and associations with other data held by third parties,.

Among these data are included, for example, the devices’ IP addresses connected to the Website, the URI notation addresses (Uniform Resource Identifier) of the requested resources, the time at which the request is performed, the method used to submit it to the server, as well as other parameters related to the operating system and to the user’s IT environment. These data are used to collect anonymous statistical information about the use of the Website and to check its correct functioning, or, otherwise, to identify abuses and/or anomalies and they are automatically deleted right after their processing. Such data could be used, for instance, by the competent authorities to check responsibilities in case of cybercrimes against the Website.

  1. B. Data voluntarily conferred by the user

Beside the browsing data of necessary acquisition, you will be free to confer other additional Personal Data by filling in the forms necessary to sign up for SSR’s services or to buy SSR’s products. In this respect, you will be asked to confer only those Personal Data which are strictly necessary in order to allow SSR to correctly provide you with the relevant service. In order to provide you with certain services it could be necessary to transfer the Personal Data conferred to SSR by you to third parties, which are trusted SSR’s partners,.

The Personal Data voluntarily conferred by you fall within the category of the so called “common data” such as, for example, the registry data (name, surname, tax code, address, e-mail, telephone number and other addresses). In this respect we inform you that, should you provide SSR with third parties’ data, according to the law regulations in force you will be responsible for such transfer and you will have to keep harmless and indemnified SSR from any damage it may incur due to actions carried out towards SSR by such third parties whose Personal Data have been transferred by you.

The Personal data conferred by you will be processed by SSR in order to:

provide you, as timely and diligently as possible, with the service requested and carry out the relevant administrative, accounting, tax and legal fulfilments;

perform the pre-contractual and contractual obligations necessary in order to offer the sale service, when you apply for a purchase, or in order to offer any further possible services requested by you;

carry out the other activities directly connected and/or instrumental for the supply of SSR’s services;

comply, in general, with the other legal and regulatory national and international obligations or implement an order received from the judicial authorities, or from other authorities to which SSR is subject;

exercise the data controller’s rights, with particular reference to the right of defence;

perform marketing activities of different kind, including herein the promotion of SSR’s products and services, the distribution of advertising, informative and promotional material, the promotion of events and/or the sending of newsletter and publishing;

elaborate possible internal statistics and draft technical papers about the services requested by you;

perform analysis and market surveys, also with reference to your satisfaction feedback on SSR’s services;

perform analysis –through automatic process- aiming at defining your profile in order to adapt your marketing activity to your needing.

As anticipated, the transmission of your Personal Data could be, from time to time, or optional, or necessary in order to allow SSR to provide you with the requested services. In case you do not agree with some process’ purposes, SSR cannot provide you with the relevant service or perform the related activity.

The Personal Data conferred to us will not be sold or transferred in any way, for whichever reason, to third parties without your prior and express consent, except for what otherwise provided in this policy. Moreover, you can revoke your consent at any time whatsoever by using the same modalities used to confer it.

Without prejudice for the communications performed according to the applicable laws, the Personal Data transferred by you to SSR will be shared with third parties only for the purposes listed in paragraph 4 above.
SSR will not transfer your Personal Data to third parties different from those listed in this document. During our activity – and only for the same purposes listed in this document – your Personal Data could be transferred to the following categories of recipients (the “Representatives”):

our collaborators and employees, within their relevant tasks connected to the supply of the services requested by you;

the SSR’s affiliate companies;

the partners supplying SSR’s products and services;

other individual and/or legal entities, public and/or private, when the communication is necessary for or functional to the performance of our activity;

all the subjects whose right to access the Personal Data is granted by the law or by other legal provisions;

the other subjects, also foreigner, used by SSR for the purpose of carrying out its activity as described above.

Your consent, that is considered provided by you through the conscious use of the Website, refers, beside the processing, the communications and the transfers of the Personal Data made by us, also to the specific processes, communications and transfers made by such subjects, that will operate as independent controllers.
We inform you that the same modalities and procedures of Personal Data processing described in this privacy policy will be used also when the Personal Data will be transferred – in Italy or abroad – to the subjects mentioned above, who, on their side, are committed to process the Personal Data according to the applicable laws and regulations.

In relation to the above listed purposes, your Personal Data will be processed digitally and/or on paper, in compliance with the GDPR’s provisions. The processing operations will be carried out in order to guarantee the physical safety and the confidentiality of your Personal Data, according to the regulations provided for by article 32 of the GDPR. SSR has implemented adequate technical and organizational measures in order to provide a sufficient level of safety and confidentiality of the Personal Data, also in order to protect them from possible destructions, alterations, disclosures or unauthorized accesses both of accidental and illegal nature. Your Personal Data will be stored and elaborated within the territory of the European Union.

Without prejudice for your right to oppose to the processing of your Personal Data and/or to request their deletion, SSR will store your Personal Data only for the time strictly necessary in order to achieve the goal for which they have been collected and received and to comply with the other legal and regulatory requirements.
In case of termination, for whichever reason, of the processing of the Personal Data transferred by you, the data will be destroyed or keep stored, but the will not be used anymore for any systematic communication or for dissemination of any kind. The Personal Data can be transferred or delivered to a different controller, only for historical, statistical and scientific purposes, in compliance with the EU laws and regulations.

The rights connected to the Personal Data processed by SSR, listed in the articles 15 and subsequent of the GDPR, are the following:

Right to correction. 

You are entitled to obtain from SSR the correction of the Personal Data regarding you or, anyway, which have been communicated to us by you. SSR undertakes to act diligently, so that the Personal Data in its possession will always be correct, complete, updated and appropriate, according to the most recent information provided by you, also by way of integrative declarations.

Right to limitation.

You are entitled to obtain a limitations of the processing of the Personal Data should:
- you challenge the correctness of your Personal Data in possession of SSR;

  • the processing be unlawful and you decide not to request the cancellation, but to limit their use;

- it is no more necessary for SSR to keep stored your Personal Data;

  • - you need the Personal Data in order to assess the exercise or the defence of a right in front of a Court.

Right to access.

Of course, you are entitled to request to SSR information about your Personal Data stored by it, including herein the information related to the categories of Personal Data that SSR manages or controls, for which purpose they are used, how they have been collected and to whom they have been eventually communicated. In this case, SSR shall send you a summary of your Personal Data managed by SSR, in a format, of common use and readable from automatic device.

Right not to be submitted to electronic decisions.

You have a right to obtain from the data controller to not be submitted to electronic decision only based on electronic data process, including herein the profiling, affecting your legal status or your person, unless such decision are necessary to execute an agreement or are based to your previous express consent.

Right to portability.

Further to your explicit request, in case the data treatment is based on your consent or on a contract and limited to the data processed by electronic means you have a right to receive in a structured format of common use and readable from automatic device your Personal Data and to transfer them to a different data controller.

Right to oppose to the data process.

You have a right to oppose to any kind of process juridically based on a legitimate interest of the data controller.

Right to cancellation.

You are entitled to obtain the timely cancellation of your Personal Data if:

  • - such Personal Data are no more necessary in relation to the purposes for which they have been collected or otherwise processed;
  • - the Personal Data have been unlawfully processed;
  • - you have withdrawn your consent to the processing and there not be any legal base for a compulsory processing;
  • - you have successfully objected to the processing of the Personal Data;
  • - the Personal Data have to be cancelled in compliance with a legal obligation.

The right to cancellation does not apply as far as the data process is still mandatory under the laws or in order to perform a task in the interest of the public or to ascertain, exercise or defend a right in front of a Court of Justice.

Right to file a complaint. In case of supposed violation of the privacy legislation in force, you are entitled (without prejudice for different administrative or civil claim) to file a complaint to the competent Control Authority (Guarantor for the Protection of Personal Data) at the address:, this pursuant to article 77 of the GDPR.

You can exercise the rights under the paragraph 8 above, alternatively, by sending a registered letter to the following address: Sabelt Sim Racing S.r.l., Corso Stati Uniti n. 41, 10129, Torino, or an e-mail to the following address:, together with a copy of your identity document. At the end of this operation, in case of withdrawal of the consent to the data process, your Personal Data will be removed from our storage files. Nevertheless, in case of requests clearly groundless or excessive, also for their possible repetitiveness, SSR could charge you with a reasonable fee, according to the administrative expenses incurred in managing your request.

SSR reserves the right to amend or to simply update this policy, either according to further events regarding itself (e.g. transfer of the legal office, modification of SSR’s activities, implementation of new services or inclusion of SSR among the subjects bound to appoint a Data Protection Officer), or depending on law’s amendments or integrations.

Any amendments or integrations of this policy will be notified to you through the communication channels usually used by SSR.

In order to exercise the rights under article 7 of the Privacy Code and under articles 15 and following of the GDPR, you can contact the data controller: Sabelt Sim Racing S.r.l., with registered office at 41, Corso Stati Uniti, 10129 Torino (Italy), Email

The contact person for the protection of the Personal Data is Mr. Achille Balestrini, Email

SSR does not fall within the category of the subjects obliged to appoint a Data Protection Officer.


General Sales Condition

1.1.      These General Conditions (hereinafter, the “General Conditions”) govern the contractual relationship between the company Sabelt Sim Racing S.r.l., with legal office at no. 41, Corso Stati Uniti, in Torino (Italy) (hereinafter, “SSR”) and its clients (hereinafter, the “Clients”), with reference to the sale of all the SSR’s products (hereinafter, the “Products”) purchased by the Clients by using the website  (hereinafter, the “Website”).

12.1.    All notices to be transmitted in accordance to this Agreement shall be valid if notified in writing and delivered in person, or transmitted by registered letter with return receipt, or by e-mail at the following addresses, where the Parties elect their domicile:


if to SSR

41, Corso Stati Uniti

10129, Torino




If to the Client, at the contact details  indicated in the purchase order.

11.1.   Neither party shall be liable for having incurred in any breach or delay in the performance of its obligations if such breach or delay is due to events included by the laws, the practice, or the jurisprudence within the category of the force majeure (hereinafter, the “Event of Force Majeure”). Without prejudice for the provisions under paragraph 11.2 below, upon the occurrence of any Event of Force Majeure, the elapsing of the term provided for the performance the obligation affected by such Event of Force Majeure will be suspended for the whole period of time during which such Event of Force Majeure shall spread its effects. The party affected by the Event of Force Majeure shall (i) promptly notify in written the other Party with any material information on the nature of such Event of Force Majeure, together with an indication on its expected duration and (ii) keep the other Party duly updated on the Event of Force Majeure.

11.2.    If an Event of Force Majeure affects the performance of any obligation so long to make useless the performance of the affected obligation, the party not affected by the Event of Force Majeure can terminate the contractual relation, by serving the other Party with a written communication accordingly or, alternatively, can expressly renounce to the single affected obligation.

11.3.  The withdrawal performed according to the above provision cannot be deemed as a contractual breach and, thus, no indemnification request can be based on the same.

10.1.    SSR is not liable for the damages caused by its suppliers and providers which manage the payment, delivery or any different activity related to the purchase and delivery of the Products.

9.1.      Each Client’s claim can be submitted to SSR by complying with the modalities described in the Website. Notwithstanding the foregoing, we do inform you that according to UE Regulation 524/2013 and Legislative Decree no. 130/2015, the European Commission has implemented an on-line platform dedicated to the resolution of disputes (ODR) arisen in connection to the on-line products’ purchase, that can be adopted by using the following link:

8.1.      SSR warrants to the Client that (i) the delivered Products will be compliant with those listed and identified in the purchase order and in the related transportation documentation and (ii) will be manufactured in line with the materials and characteristics listed in the related technical sheet.

8.2.      SSR warrants the Products to be free from defects which could make them unsuitable for their proposed use or which appreciably diminish their value.

8.3.      The Products sold by SSR are covered by the eventual producer’s warranty and, only for the consumers, Clients by the two-years-warranty provided for under articles 128-135 vicies ter of legislative decree no 206/2005. In order to benefit of the warranty, the Client must preserve the payment receipt or the invoice pertaining to the Product.

8.4.      The legal warranty in favour of the Client covers the conformities defects already existing at the Product’s delivery date which are detected within 24 months from their delivery. Any claim against SSR shall expire within 26 months from the Product’s delivery. According to the provisions of the Consumer’s Code, in case of lack of conformity of the Product, the Client can alternatively ask for its repairing or substitution, without incurring in additional expenses, or for a price reduction or, finally, for the termination of the Agreement.

8.5.      The claims and/or complaints related to the Products’ quantity, as well as to the conditions of the packaging shall have to be pointed out by the Client to the carrier on the transportation document, following a preliminary investigation on the related discrepancies and inconsistencies to be performed jointly with the carrier and, following, notified in written to SSR within 8 (eight) business days from the relevant delivery by sending an e-mail to reporting: (i) the identification terms of the transportation document related to the claimed Products, (ii) the detailed description of the discrepancies detected between the expected weight or quantity of ordered Products and the weight or the quantity of the delivered Products, or the damages detected to the packaging and (iii) any other element useful in order to allow SSR to duly and knowingly verify the Client’s claim. Once expired the time limits provided for by the applicable laws for the valid notification of the claims, the Products shall be deemed as accepted by the Client for all legal purposes. Should the Client timely and correctly notify SSR with a claim, duly reporting all the information listed above, SSR will be able to perform the necessary investigations. If following such investigations SSR actually confirms the validity of the Client’s claim, it shall promptly deliver to the Client the missing Products, or substitute the Products affected by packaging’s defects.

8.6.      The claims and/or the complaints related to Products’ defects or damages shall have to be notified in written to SSR within 2 (two) months from the detection of such defects or damages by sending an e-mail to: reporting: (i) the identification terms of the transportation document related to the defected or damaged Products, (ii)  a detailed description of the detected Product’s defect or damage and (iii) any other element useful in order to allow SSR to duly and knowingly verify the Client’s claim. Once expired the 2 (two) months term provided for the valid notification of the claims, the Products shall be deemed as accepted by the Client for all legal purposes. Should the Client timely and correctly notify a claim, duly reporting all the information listed above, SSR will be able to perform the necessary investigations. The Client’s right to submit a claim on a Product will however expire after two years from date of delivery of such Product.

8.7.      If during the warranty period a Product needed a technical repair, not depending on fault or negligence of the Client, SSR undertakes, upon Client’s request, to collect such Product and return it to the Client duly repaired within 60 (sixty) days from its arrival at SSR’s premise or, alternatively, at its own discretion, to provide the Client with a substitutive Product. SSR shall bear all the costs connected to the collection, repairing and delivery of such in warranty Products. The Product shall have to be delivered to the Client in the original package with all the original equipment (including documentation, wires and so on).

8.8.      If SSR evaluates that the defect it is not fixable or if the repair would be too expensive, SSR will propose to the Client the substitution of the Product, according to the provisions of the Consumer’s Code. Defects not depending on the manufacturing (errors in the installation, Client’s faults, and misuse) and consumables are not covered by SSR’s warranty.

8.9.      If, once expired the warranty period, the Products would need repairs of any kind whatsoever, SSR shall discretionally evaluate, upon Client’s request, if it is possible to repair the Product. However, the Client shall bear all the costs connected to the collection, repairing and delivery of such out of warranty Products.

7.1.      According to art. 52 of the Consumer Code, the consumer Client has a right to withdraw without cause and without penalty, except for the provisions under artt. 47 and 59 and seq. of the Consumer Code, which detail when the Client’s withdrawal right cannot be exercised (e.g.: customized Products or purchase orders having a value of less than Euro 50.00).

7.2.      In order to lawfully withdraw from the agreement with SSR, the consumer Client must inform SSR within fourteen days from the date of delivery of the Product, in compliance with the contact modalities described in these General Conditions. Upon receipt of the Client’s communication, SSR shall indicate to the Client by e-mail the address for the delivery of the Product, as well as any other useful information in order to validly return the Product. The Client must send the Product to SSR duly packaged in its original package, together with all the original accessories, at the address communicated by SSR, within fourteen days from the day on which the Client has communicated his withdrawal to SSR.

7.3.      SSR after having received the returned Products will check their conditions and will refund the price to the Client. In accordance with art. 57 of the Consumer Code, the refund will take place within 14 days from the withdrawal date or, however, upon receipt of the returned Product if such return is performed following the elapsing of the said 14-days-period. The Client will be liable for any possible “decreasing of value” possibly affecting the returned Product.

7.4.      If the Products are damaged during the transportation, SSR shall notify the Client accordingly as to allow the Client to timely submit a claim towards his courier and obtain the due refund.
SSR is not liable for damages, theft or loss of the Products returned with uninsured shipments.

7.5.      The withdrawal right expires if the returned Product is damaged. By way of example, the following situation are considered to be damages:

(i)        lack of original external or internal packaging;

(ii)       lack of Product’s elements (including wires, user’s manual, spare parts and so on);

(iii)      damages of the Product not depending on the transportation;

(iv)      defects of preservation.

If the withdrawal term is already expired, SSR will return to the Client the Product at Client’s costs.

6.1.      SSR accepts purchase orders only for the territories listed on the Website.

6.2.      The delivery of a bulky Products will be announced by phone in advance in order to agree on the delivery timetable. The transportation and the delivery of the Products will be entrusted by SSR third parties couriers. SSR will not be liable for damages affecting the products if depending on intentional or grossly negligent conducts of the courier.

6.3.      The Client can ask for the issuance of the invoice only during the order’s procedure. Each invoice will be issued according to the information supplied by the Client. No modification can be made following the issuance of an invoice.

6.4.      The delivery costs will be up to the Client, for the amount indicated in the order’s confirmation.

6.5.      The delivery of the Products will be performed in accordance with the courier’s general terms and coonditions. Upon the delivery of the Products by the courier encharged by SSR, the Client must check:

(i)        all the ordered Products listed on the transportation document have been delivered;

(ii)       the packaging is not damaged, or wet, or altered in any other way whatsoever. Any damage to the packaging and/or to the Product or any inconsistency between the Products ordered and those delivered must be immediately notified in written to the courier on the delivery receipt. Once the Client has signed the delivery receipt, he cannot add further remarks on the external characteristics of the delivered goods.

6.6.      The delivery time-table has to be intended as merely indicative. In the event of the Client’s absence, the courier will perform a second delivery attempt or, alternatively, it will contact by phone the Client in order to define a second delivery attempt within 24 hours from the first one.

6.7.      If also the second attempt fails, SSR will try to directly contact the Client as to solve the matter. If also this last attempt fails, the order will be cancelled. SSR will inform by e-mail the Client accordingly. SSR will refund the Client, only retaining the delivery expenses in which it has incurred in.

5.1.      Credit card. If the payment is made by credit card, at the moment of the execution of the online transaction carried out via SSL protocol, the acceptance platform external to SSR will authorize the withhold of the amount related to the purchase made. The Product’s Price will be charged to the Customer's credit card upon issuing of the related payment receipt/invoice. In the event of cancellation or inefficacy of the purchase order, SSR will immediately request both the neutralization of the above-mentioned authorization and the release of the committed amount. Once the authorization has been neutralized, under no circumstances SSR can be held liable for possible damage caused by delay by the banking system in releasing the withheld amount. At no time during the purchase procedure SSR will be able to know information related to the Customer's credit card, which are transmitted via a secure connection directly to the website of the company that issued such card. SSR does not file such data. SSR cannot be held liable for fraudulent and improper use of the Customer's credit card made by third parties during the payment procedure.

5.2.      Payment with electronic money/ PayPal®/Apple pay and similar. The payment methods relating to these services are subject to the limits and conditions from time to time indicated in the purchase procedure that the Client must follow in order to validly submit a purchase order. The delivery of the Product will be made only after the crediting of the purchase price on the SSR’s account. Any refund to the Client will always be made by SSR by using the same service used by the Client to pay the Products. A confirmation email will be sent to the Client for each transaction carried out. SSR cannot interfere with the times and the modalities of both charging and possible crediting of sums used by the owners of electronic payment services.

4.1.      The Client can purchase only those Products listed on the on-line catalogue published on the Website at the moment of the placement of his purchase order, as they are described in the relevant information document. The Products listed among those currently not available, even if shown in the on-line catalogue cannot be bought. In any case, the Products are available while the stock lasts. The unavailability of an ordered Product can be communicated by SSR also following the placement of the purchase order, but before the notification of the order’s confirmation.

4.2.      The images accompanying the description of each Product may not provide a perfect representation of its characteristics, but could slightly differ in colors, dimensions, or accessories. The technical information must be deemed as merely general information material.

4.3.      The prices listed on the Website are defined in Euro and incude VAT. The transportation price will be shown separately. The Client will be duly notified with the overall price of the transaction before the final confirmation of the purchase order. SSR can discretionally modify the prices of the Products at any time whatsoever.

4.4.      If a Product apparently available is actually out of stock, SSR will offer to the Client a full refund.

3.1.      The agreement between SSR and the Client will be deemed as formally executed when the Client will have received by e-mail the SSR’s order confirmation. SSR will not be liable for technical failures affecting the data transmission.

3.2.      The correct receipt of the purchase order placed by the Client will be confirmed by SSR via e-mail sent to the e-mail address indicated by the Client in the registration form, or in the purchase order. The confirmation e-mail shall include:

(i)        the purchase order’s identification number;

(ii)       the indication of date and hour of the placement of the purchase order;

(iii)      the list of the purchased Products and their price;

(iv)      the delivery costs and modalities;

(v)       the information provided by the Client for invoicing and delivery;

(vi)      the payment modalities.

The Client must timely verify the information contained in the order’s confirmation and immediately notify SSR with any detected omission or error.

3.3.      By sending the purchase order to SSR, the Client declares to have duly acknowledged all the information provided to him during the purchase procedure, as well as to formally and integrally accept these General Condition (by duly flagging the order).

2.1.      These General Conditions complete, under a legal point of view, the provisions contained in each order’s confirmation. In case of inconsistencies between the provisions contained in each single order’s confirmation and the provisions contained in these General Conditions, the provisions contained in the General Conditions shall prevail, except if otherwise expressly agreed in written between the parties. The General Conditions attached to each single order’s confirmation shall only govern the single sale of Products described in such order’s confirmation.

2.2.      SSR has a full and discretional right to modify, update and substitute, totally or partially, any of the provisions contained in these General Conditions, as well as any possible future version of the same.

2.3.      The right to purchase the Products through the Website is reserved to the retail Clients (to be identified as those natural persons which buy the Product for reasons different from the management of a professional or enterpretuternal activity and which does not perform the purchase using a VAT number), as well as to the professional Clients. The agreement executed by SSR with a retail Client –as defined above- is governed by these General Conditions as well as by the provisions of Legislative Decree no. 206/2005 (hereinafter, the “Consumer Code”).

13.1.    The purchase agreement between the Customer and SSR is governed by the Italian Law. Any dispute which may arise between SSR and the Client in connection with the execution, interpretation or performance of these General Conditions, as well as any in connection to any other aspect of the relationship described in each single Purchase Order, shall be submitted to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Court of Milan.



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